Case Studies

The Angus Barn Ltd., Raleigh restaurant - installed new dishwashers, low-flow restroom fixtures, replaced older ice machine with new air-cooled ice machine


Hankison International, Newport compressed air dryer and filter products manufacturing - installed evaporator on powder coater. Savings: 467,000 gallons annually.

BSH Home Appliances, New Bern home appliance manufacturer - checked water-using processes to ensure minimal usage, installed water recycling system, replaced old parts washer with two smaller units. Savings: 896,000 gallons annually.


Mid-East Tractor Parts, Goldsboro farm equipment salvage and remanufacturer - collect and reuse wastewater.

Chem-Tex Laboratories Inc., Concord chemical production - reuse and recycle water, installed new tanks, pumps and a cooling tower. Savings: 20,000 gallons daily.


N.C. Zoo, Asheboro zoological park - installed irrigation control system, switched to ozone water treatment system, found and repaired exhibit pool leaks, minimized water use for sanitation. Savings: 3.6 million gallons annually.

Duke Energy, Charlotte - installed integrated water management system that collects and treats 24 million gallons of water annually, which is reused to supply irrigation of the Duke Energy campus and provides all make up water for the building's cooling system.   Savings:   24 million gallons annually


Proximity Hotel, Greensboro hotel - aiming for LEED certification, the Proximity installed high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and landscaped with native plants to reduce water needed for irrigation. Using 30 percent less water than hotels of similar size.

Duke University, Durham Facility managers of both the Levine Science Research Center and Gross Chemistry Building on Duke’s campus used practical upgrades to save more than 9 million gallons of water per year between the two facilities.  This translated into an annual cost savings of $24,700.


Tin Originals Inc., Gastonia metal finishing - recirculated process rinse water through use of ion exchange unit. Savings: 87,000 gallons monthly.

Engineered Sintered Components - Troutman powdered metal products manufacturer - reuse condensate water in production. Savings: 20,000 gallons daily.


Tyson Food Inc. - Sanford, Sanford bakery - shut off water compressors educated employees on need to reduce water use; covered production lines when not in use to reduce unnecessary cleaning. Savings: 20,000 gallons daily.

K&W Cafeterias, Statesville restaurant - cut off water tap in dining area, minimized amount of water at steam table, set ice maching optic sensors to minimum fill levels, used dry cleanup, inspected all pipes for leaks. Savings: 9,000 gallons daily.


U.S. Coast Guard Support Center, Elizabeth City aircraft servicing and repair - installed water recycling system; converted most parts washers to cyclonic filter systems.